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Affiliate Info

Hello and thank you for signing up to be an Affiliate of  We are so pleased to have you.  Here are some links to get your started and how our program works below.   Please contact us if you are interested in wholesale purchases above our discounts shown in the cart.

The Affiliate Program is easy. 

Here is an example:
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  If you have a space between the = sign and the affiliate code,it will NOT work; or spaces anywhere else in the link.  It must be continual. 


NOT this:  4ffdb9c1b89ff

Each order comes into our virtual office already encoded with either no commission to allocate or an amount shown for us to approve for the affiliate.  It is essential for your friends, family and customers to use your link to enter the store and purchase through.  If they do not, the cart will not register you as the affiliate for that sale.  It is the responsibility of the affiliate to give clear instruction or a viable link if a commission is to be assigned.  Cookies must be enabled for your link to show up when your referals return.

See the example:  These are some of the fields in order as they appear.  We are only showing some fields to give you an idea of how it looks on our end.  Notice how the affiliate and commission fields appear.  If there was no affiliate link used, those fields would not be there.  But since this customer clicked through an affiliate link to our store then the database is asking for us to appropriate the commission.  The commission will be added and it will automatically be removed if the customer were to have a refund for some reason.

Customer Group: Default
E-Mail: mail @
Telephone: 555-555-5555
Total: $50.00
Order Status: Complete
Affiliate: Bozo the Clown
Commission: $2.50 [ Add Commission ]

Affiliate Images:

If you are linking to our catalog and need images of the products, capture them HERE.  Should packaging change, you will have the most updated images.  These are the most updated images for our products. 


Tax Information:
You do not need to provide us with your social security number until you reach $500 in commissions in a calendar year.  We will send you a notice of this before the next commission payments are made.

Getting Paid:
Commissions are paid in this way.  Affiliate commissions are automatically assigned to an affiliate when the link is used.  Because there can be returns, undeliverables or charge backs for false use of a credit card, there is a one month wait cycle.  This is standard with multi-level and affiliate programs.  This means that sales any day from the month of June will be paid out the last week of July; if you have accumlated $25 by June 30th.


Personal Sales:
Personal sales do not count toward affiliate commissions.  Please take advantage of our discounts for larger quantities if you would like to save on your personal purchases.  Our product discounts go up to 50% on most products.

Please email us if you have any questions about our affiliate program.  This page may be revised without notice and should be revisited periodically.  Commission percent will not be changed without notifying all affiliates, at the email on file.  Please keep your information up to date and your choice of payment options.

This page was last updated 6/12/13

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