Return Policy

General shipping and return policies:

  1. Every customer must agree to a Terms Of Service agreement before checking out  This is to required by credit card companies to protect us from illegal chargebacks and complaints and for you to know upfront what your ordering with us binds you to.  Please read the following carefully. It provides clarity for all; customers and customer service alike.
  2. Shipping is by the United States Postal Service for most of our lighter weight orders and at times, for larger or drop-ship orders from Fedex/UPS according to the weight of the product, insurance or special packaging needed.
  3. Shipping refund is awarded when we do not meet the required time.  Choosing 2 day shipping means only that we will use the shipping method we believe to be the best option to deliver your product in that time frame at our decretion for which shipping company we choose.  If an order cannot be delivered in that time frame we will contact you.  If the error is ours we will refund the difference in shipping charges from priority mail pricing.
  4. Minimum shipping for international or 2 day orders is: $21.00 and for international $29.50. Your international shipping charge will be confirmed before shipping the products.  If your card is automatically charged by our processor we will refund the order and ask you to place it again choosing the correct shipping method or invoice you for the difference.  International orders are expensive and we do our best to find lower rates for you.  Contact us if there is a concern.
  5. All products with proof of damage will be replaced.  The proof must be sent to us on the same day as delivery and shown to the shipping company.  When products are damaged in shipping another will be sent for replacement with proof of damage.  If delivered by UPS you must open the package to ensure it is not damaged.  If is by USPS your post master can help you with proof.
  6. We reserve the right to adjust the shipping amount if you have not chosen the appropriate method.  Example: If you choose US shipping but the address is APO, Canada or International.
  7. Whenever possible products are shipped within 2-3 business days but most orders are filled the same day or the following but are not guaranteed unless expedited shipping is chosen by the correct time of day.
  8. 2 day air orders are shipped that day if the order is received by 9:00 AM EST.  Our USPS, FEDEX and UPS pickups are shortly after that, EST, and we are bound by that time frame.  (Sometimes pickup is later but not guaranteed.)
  9. If a product will be out of stock for an unreasonable time we will notify you and ask if you wish to hold your order or to cancel.  This also shows the necessity for a valid email and telephone number on your order.  Our shipping is usually very timely so please make sure you receive an answer from us if you cancel your order.  If you receive the product you have cancelled DO NOT OPEN it but instead write return to sender or refuse it from the UPS or USPS delivery person.
  10. If you have a question or concern about a product(s), please email Customer Service at Whole Family Health . com for the appropriate contact information for the manufacturer of the item.  If there is a problem with an order, pricing, out of stock or etc. we may cancel the order.  If we do not hear back from you within 12 hours, in the case of an email about your order, we may also cancel the order and ask you to order again when the problem or question has been resolved.  This is to protect from fraud as well.
  11. All orders returned without proper cancellation will be charged a restocking fee of 15% before a credit is applied and our cost of shipping to  you.  Shipping is non-refundable.
  12. If shipping was considered free in the shopping cart, but the above has occurred, we will deduct our shipping costs along with the restocking fee before crediting the account.
  13. Generally speaking these products are non-refundable and do not have a money back guarantee.  We make no statements of unconditional guarantees or the like.  Our products work when taken as directed and we cannot know the environmental aspects of the buyer,  therefore it would be difficult to resell them.
  14. There are few circumstances that may arise warranting a refund.  In this case, you will be given an RAN  Return Authorization Number from our company and must be diplayed on the outside of the package in large print; easily seen.  An RAN is a number from our company that authorizes a return and must be visable or we will reject any returns without this authorization.

Within these guidelines we are happy to provide our customers with an opportunity to try outstanding products. Enjoy your health.

These guidelines are not meant to be complicated but merely spelled out to save confusion for our customers.  We desire the best for you but as a business we have to also be concerned for our interests as well.  Unfortunately there are some who will believe rules and regulations are for bending.  What a blessing that we find most customers are upright and honest.  We thank God for those of you. Click here for our customer service email address:


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