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FERTILITY TRACKER upgrading this product

FERTILITY TRACKER  upgrading this product
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The Fertility Tracker® is a 100X magnification illuminated microscope.  This means you can not only see patterns forming sooner in the cycle.  Now with 6 slides included you can now save the previous patterns and compare them on a rotation basis.  The 44 page booklet will allow you to understand more of what your patterns mean and give you many examples of what you might see.  This booklet also covers a variety of topics along with tracking salivary and mucus patterns.  Other subjects include understanding the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance and more.

Since the Fertility Tracker® is a microscope and not a chemical ovulation predictor kit it has many advantages over these.  Some advantages include not having to mess with urine; no monthly OPK purchases and no extra costs except for replacing two AA batteries every few months.  It even comes with NOT 1 but SIX slides so you can revisit the previous day's patterns.  What a product!   Come on in and be on you way to tracking YOUR fertility.  It's simple, clean and inexpensive.  We have touched upon some of the subjects covered in our booklet but only 'touched' upon them.

The Fertility Tracker® is only 6" high; making it very portable and perfect for the bedside table.  
The light switch and focus knobs are easy to find and maneuver.

With 100X magnification (twice as strong as lipstick models), you are ready to spot your fertile days long before the competition sees them coming.

Unlike other saliva ferning products, The Fertility Tracker® comes with six (6) reusable acrylic slides allowing you to "revisit" past days and compare. 

This is something that can not be done with the lipstick models, which have only one small permanent slide.  This is key when you find yourself unsure of YESTERDAY'S results by comparison with today's.

Women have been looking for pre-ovulatory aids for many years with no success until now.  Saliva ferning is as old as man but it is only in recent years that this phenomenon has been made known and made available to the public.  (see an example of fertile ferning below)


The Fertility Tracker® was designed with the world of women in mind.  The Fertility Tracker® is for women using Natural Family Planning seeking the earliest possible evidence of fertility; The Fertility Tracker® is for women who struggle with infertility and the high costs associated with it through drugs, herbs and gadgets.  The Fertility Tracker® is for women who are are not comfortable with conventional contraception; The Fertility Tracker® is for every women who wants to understand her cycle and body and to use this information in a natural way to aid conception or avoidance through fertility detection.

The Fertility Tracker® uses your own saliva each day to determine your personal fertility status.  Levels of estrogen known to rise in the pre-ovulation part of the cycle are seen through the patterns formed on the slide. The Fertility Tracker® is the easiest, most affordable way to get the best possible results using saliva ferning methods. 

Other pocketsize microscopes make offers but The Fertility Tracker® has the advantage over them all with it's powerful 100X illuminated magnification.  This allows one to notice changes in saliva or cervical patterns earlier than the smaller microscopes.  BUT The Fertility Tracker® also has the convenience of being small size yet it sturdy as well as reusable month after month.  Where a pocket microscope has one slide surface the The Fertility Tracker® comes with a slipcase of 6 slides allowing women to re-view their previous days results. When a woman has a short window of fertility every moment counts. When a woman wants to revisit her results through the coming days; the Fertility Tracker® is the answer.

During a woman's menstrual cycle, there are only about three days when her egg is available for fertilization.  Sperm can survive up to 72 hours (3 days) in the vagina and uterus, so if sexual intercourse occurs up to three days before a woman is fertile, she can still potentially become pregnant.  Thus, there are about six days per month (3 days prior to fertility, and 3 days of fertility) that a woman can conceive.

When tracking the days of the menstrual cycle, the first day of menstruation, or bleeding, is called day 1 of that cycle.  The cycle ends when the next period begins, anywhere between day 17 and 35 (with most women it's around day 28).  The egg may become available for fertilization by sperm at anywhere from day 3 to day 14 of the cycle.  Thus, if a woman can identify those few days when she is fertile, she can prevent or enhance conception.

Saliva has been used to detect patterns in the body for years.  Now with this information and the power of understanding the hormonal cycles and patterns of woman, we can use this to our advantage.  One does not have to be a scientist to match up a few simple patterns viewed through the eyepiece.

When a women is in an infertile time and estrogen is low typically she would see a random pattern of scattered dots.  This marks these days as infertile.  This is of course the safest time if one does not wish to conceive and would account for somewhere about 22-24 total days, before and after ovulation of course, in a "normal" 28 day cycle.

As estrogen rises toward its peak (in a typical menstrual cycling woman) her mucus membranes produce more salt in the body.  This salt is elevated in proportion to the estrogen rise and when dry will form fernlike or frostlike patterns.  As a woman nears this time of enhanced fertility the patterns forming on a slide would begin to show the coming together of these dots and the beginnings of what is called ferns.  This is the time when one would abstain if not wishing to conceive and begin to "Baby Dance" if wishing to.

As estrogen comes to a peak these dots disappear and a woman should see a full pattern of ferns with a peak around day 12-13 just prior to ovulation.  This is the signal that ovulation is eminent in much the same timing as an ovulation predictor kit would tell.  The difference, of course, is that The Fertility Tracker® is a lifetime purchase and is not dependent on any chemical reactions to messy urine.  It is safe; it is clean; it is reusable; and it is a woman's best friend in fertility tracking.

Some recommend the saliva ferning method to determine if one is ovulating to determine when they should begin Natural Progesterone supplementation with a product such as
Fertility Tracker

The Fertility Tracker is as simple to use as any other microscope. 
As a matter of fact, it is simpler!  There are no complicated directions to follow and focusing is very easy.



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